Stay on the cutting edge

The annual Bill James Handbook provides the first projections for next season. However, many things happen during the off-season that change playing time for the coming season. That’s why we produce The Bill James Handbook: Projections Update with cutting-edge projections reflecting changes through the last couple days of February.

We adjust projections for many reasons, including:

– Playing time adjustments

– Free agent signings

– Trades

– Injuries

– Ballpark changes

The Bill James Handbook: Projections Update 2019 is an Excel spreadsheet and includes the player’s league and 2018 MLB position(s) for your sorting convenience. The spreadsheet allows you to manipulate the data in a dynamic way—tailor it to suit your own interests!

We provide the hitter projections on multiple tabs; in alphabetical order and by positions (including DH). The hitter projections by positions show hitters on a position list if they played at that position 20 or more 2018 MLB games. If that qualifies them for multiple positions, we show them on multiple tabs (without limit). For those players who did not appear in 20 games at any one position, we pick the list where they played most.

Likewise, we show the pitcher projections in tabs, in alphabetical order and by positions (SP or RP). Unlike hitters, pitchers can be in only one position. If a pitcher has more MLB games in relief than games started, we put him on the RP tab; otherwise, he is on the SP tab.

Hitter and pitcher projections include columns for each player’s old team (the last team he played on during a regular season game) and their new team.

We show positions based on games played in 2018. These positions are not predictions of where they might be playing in the MLB 2019 season.

We only project players we believe will have significant playing time in 2019 and they have enough significant past history to create a useful projection.

No information contained in this spreadsheet nor any part of this spreadsheet may be used, reproduced, or transmitted in any form for commercial use without permission from the publisher.