The Bill James Handbook 2024 includes hitter and pitcher projections developed in collaboration between Bill James and SIS. We offer these projections in an Excel spreadsheet (a benefit all by itself) with a few added extras.

We provide the hitter projections two ways, in alphabetical order and by positions (including DH). The hitter projections by positions show hitters on a position list if they played at that position 20 or more 2023 MLB games. If that qualifies them for multiple positions, we show them on multiple lists (without limit) with an asterisk by their name. For those players who did not appear in 20 games at any one position, we pick the list where they played most.

Likewise, we show the pitcher projections two ways, in alphabetical order and by positions (SP or RP). Unlike hitters, pitchers can be in only one position. If a pitcher has more MLB games in relief than games started, we put him on the RP tab; otherwise, he is on the SP tab.

We show positions based on games played in 2023. These positions are not predictions of where they might be playing in the MLB 2024 season.

This spreadsheet contains The Bill James Handbook 2024 projections only. We do not include any other parts of the book. To purchase a copy of The Bill James Handbook 2024, call 800-397-2282 or visit

No information contained in this spreadsheet nor any part of this spreadsheet may be used, reproduced, or transmitted in any form for commercial use without permission from the publisher.